Standing on Your Own Two Feet — A Yoga Miracle

Standing on your own two feet is the most important asana — Judith Hanson Lasater

One of the very first poses a yogi learns is Tadasana, Mountain pose (pictured above). On the surface, it doesn’t look like much, does it? She’s just standing there, right? No, not really! As I tell students, there are a lot of layers to Tadasana, and we unpeel those layers over a long stretch of consistent practice. There’s really a whole lot happening in a well-aligned Tadasana, and in fact, we attempt to bring that Tadasana alignment into every yoga pose. Kindness, patience, consistency, and a willingness to regard the body with new eyes are key to this unfolding.

How do we take such a basic pose as Tadasana off the mat and into our lives? It might begin with just noticing how you stand in the checkout line or how you sit at a computer. It all starts with awareness. Out of a developing awareness arise healthier habits:  you notice that you feel better physically if you keep the feet parallel and draw the thighs in, back, and apart. Your low back feels so much better just from doing that, that you start to root down more firmly through your feet and legs. Out of the rootedness arises a firm belly and lifted chest. That core integrity invites a lengthening at the back of the neck, as the crown of the head lifts skyward. And then you smile!

Rooting down to rise up on and off the mat can also bring forth something amazing within your mind and spirit:  you learn to stand confidently on your own two feet (or hands!!). You find out that you matter a lot, that you have a lot to offer, that your voice is welcome and your opinions matter. You discover and appreciate your own self-worth, and share your gifts generously with a world in need of whatever it is that you have to offer. It’s a little yoga miracle, and it all starts with a pose that doesn’t look like much at all.

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  1. harnessingyourpotential on

    Nice article. Like the way you interpreted. Thanks for sharing.

    • colleenyoga on

      Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. Tadasana is so powerful!

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